Mixed Media

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Once I've inked my subjects on bristol board, I colour them with alcohol-based markers, then use utility knives to cut them out. I create a mixed-media background on a birch panel, using art papers, metallic foils, natural found objects like leaves and flowers, recycled book pages, acrylic paint, naturally phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark powders, and a range of other materials according to the needs of a piece. Instead of sitting inside a frame, these pieces wrap around a 1-2" deep edge, giving them a three-dimensional aspect when hung on a wall and allowing smaller pieces to be displayed free-standing rather than mounted if desired. This part of the process is super fun - I always think of kids building sand castles, using whatever comes to hand to bring an imaginary world to life.

Solar Mandala Phone Progression.JPG


determining the palette

for a piece, then

awakening its vibrancy

Psychopomp WIP.jpg

Papers & Foils

aesthetic of texture and form:

handmade, botanical, patterned, folded, recycled?

As Above So Below.JPG

Flora & Fauna

repurposing natural elements:

flowers & leaves,

feathers & bones

Undomesticated Linework on Black.jpg


very sharp utility knives help free each figure from the page

Word Bird WIP 2.jpg

Found Objects

incorporating pieces of

the world I inhabit

into the art that I make

As Above So Below Glow Detail.JPG

Accents & Backdrops

finishing touches:

acrylic washes, textures and highlights, hidden glowing scenes


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