Mandalas & Knotwork

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The evolution of a sketch into something more polished is one of my favourite parts of the drawing process. I often start with rough or thumbnail sketches on graph paper, then use my lightboard to carry the base lines over to bristol board or heavier paper. Once I'm happy with the overall concept, I use Copic inking pens in a range of sizes to do a general outline, then add increasingly fine layers of detail and texture depending on what I have in mind for the finished piece. After the ink is dry, it's time for the great reveal: erasing the pencil lines to see the cleaned-up final image.

Squirk Sketch with Coffee.JPG


putting pencil to paper;

the incubation of ideas

Collector Sketch.jpg

Rough Inking

selecting which concept lines to keep, using .7 and .3 mm pens

King of the Forest WIP Bull.JPG


finer details are added

using .003 & .005 mm pens

Salmon of Knowledge Concept Study.JPG


evolution from idea to form,

using references as needed

Foo Male Grin BW Unfinished.jpg

Final Inking

the final image emerges from the conceptual cloud  (.7 .1 mm)

Scythian Sheep WIP.JPG


once inked, it may be cut out, coloured, and completed


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