beauty of form & line   

Most pieces begin with a blank page and an idea that becomes a sketch. Then comes one of my favourite parts of the process: inking the drawing & bringing the details into focus.

Some of them become tattoo designs. Others become colouring pages and finished paper art pieces.

Foo Dog Series
Foo Pair Persephone BW
Foo Male Winter BW
Foo Female Rampant BW
Foo Male Splash BW
Foo Pair Runner & Kyrie BW
Foo Male Stretch BW
Foo Kyrie with Apples BW
Foo Female Pacing BW
Foo Female Winter Linework
Foo Female Autumn Linework
Foo Female Autumn Linework small

   intersections of nature & narrative   

Humans are one part of a vast and complex biosphere of other living things.

The stories we tell are a little bit about them, and a little bit about us.

Myths around the world feature animals as companions, guides, rivals, and heroes.

   sacred geometry unfolding   

Traditional art forms are interwoven with the origins of our myths. Many cultures code additional meaning into images with numeric repetitions, significant colours, and hidden symbols.


Whither goest, friend Mouse, and whence cometh? What purpose bears thee?

I have pass'd through many places, and in each of them Death is the faithful companion of mortals. My boat is fill'd with souls, and I am ferrying them...


Owls are meant to be creatures of flight, but this little one is weary. His journey lies long before him still, across vast tracts of unfamiliar land, the cultivation of farms, the half-tamed lines of rivers wandering at will until they tumble...


As it is all but impossible to prove a negative, she has always left a little wiggle room in her view of "reality". If she has never seen a thing, it is no reason to think she never shall, so she is rarely surprised by what, for other people, might be...