What is "Narrative Art" and what does it mean to be "Curious"


Narrative Art:   the representation in art of an event or story.

Curious:  possessing an active and eternal desire to learn, receptive to unexpected ideas.

In the Time before time began ...


Since the dawn of time people everywhere have told stories and drawn images

as a means of defining our identities and

providing context for the world we see around us.

As an artist, I seek to express the universal spiritual underpinnings of our shared human experience through the incorporation of myth, legend,

and fable, drawing as well on the sacred geometry and symbols

from a variety of cultures and epochs.

Each one-of-a-kind piece I create is meant to be a coded mnemonic,

a reminder of the story embedded within its tiniest details.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then narrative art is layering each of those thousand words into the details of a single image.  

To be curious is to explore our world with passion, eager to learn and 

receptive to unanticipated possibilities.  

When we are curious and vulnerable enough to trust others with our stories and learn theirs in turn, we forge necessary connections of empathy with other people, illuminating the darkness that can separate us. 

If one of my pieces speaks to your curiosity, I encourage you to explore the interplay between textual narrative and visual art.


Let your journey begin.